Obtaining Team Number

Please fill out this form to obtain a team number

If you have not yet applied for a team, please fill out our League Application form here.

Only teams playing in the Baltimore Beltway League should request a 4 digit BBSL number. You will be asked for the 4 digit number associated with your team when completing the online registration system. Once assigned, the number remains with your team. The team manager should use this form to confirm an existing BBSL team number or received a first-time number* for your team.

Directions: Fill out and return to Paul Scardina, BBSL Registrar by email
bbslregistrar@aol.com or fax to 410-893-8526.

Required to confirm existing BBSL team number or get number for new team.*

Team Manager's Name:

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Team Name

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BBSL Number if existing team:

Club Name

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Head Coach Name:

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Asst. Coachs' Name:

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Primary Team Contact Name and Email:

(If this is not the person entering online information and communicating with the registrar, please identify the authorized person)

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*New Team: Brand new to BBSL soccer league; never played before or been associated with a BBSL team.